Bitmoji Custom Shirts

Ever wanted a custom shirt that you designed? The time has come!

We are now able to Print your Custom Bitmoji Avatar directly to a Shirt, Hoodie or Baseball cap. If your familiar with Bitmoji Avatars them yo know that it is a blast sharing your custom Avatar on Emails, Texts and Social Media.

Since each Avatar is custom there are no Generic images to choose from 

Place your order for your custom Bitmoji T-Shirt, as soon as we receive your order we will email you asking you to email us the Bitmoji of your choice.

Here's how to email your Bitmoji Image from a Phone or Tablet

1. Open the Bitmoji App
2. Tap a Bitmoji
3. Tap Mail
4. Enter our email address
5. Tap Send

Bitmojis are personalized Avatars created by the user, we don't create the designs, we 
use specialized software to be able to convert the Avatar to a graphic that we can then print on a shirt.

If you choose a color shirt that we don't think will look its best we'll let you know

You choose your own design, size and color of the t-shirt and well do the rest. If you have any questions just let us know at Cooltees,

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