Bitmoji Custom Shirts

Ever wanted a custom shirt that you designed? The time has come!

We are now able to Print your Custom Bitmoji Avatar directly to a Shirt, Hoodie or Baseball cap. If your familiar with Bitmoji Avatars them you know that it is a blast sharing your custom Avatar on Emails, Texts and Social Media.

Since each Avatar is custom there are no Generic images to choose from. We can add 1 Bitmoji or combine multiple Bitmoji's into 1 design, The choice is yours, we'll even add custom text for FREE!  

Place your order for your custom Bitmoji T-Shirt, as soon as we receive your order we will email you asking you to email us the Bitmoji of your choice.

Here's how to email your Bitmoji Image from a Phone or Tablet

1. Open the Bitmoji App
2. Tap a Bitmoji
3. Tap Mail
4. Enter our email address
5. Tap Send

Bitmojis are personalized Avatars created by the user, we don't create the designs, w use specialized software to be able to convert the Avatar to a graphic that we can then print on a shirt.

If you choose a color shirt that we don't think will look its best we'll let you know

You choose your own design, size and color of the t-shirt and well do the rest. If you have any questions just let us know at Cooltees,

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